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Yahoo Finance: Top 21 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Growing a Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By December 9, 2020No Comments

Yahoo Finance: Top 21 Entrepreneurs Give Advice on Growing a Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Top 21 entrepreneurs come together to help others grow their business no matter the challenging times they are facing

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 23, 2020 / People are in uncharted territory at the moment, due to the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the nation and the world. As it threatens everybody’s way of life, their health, and the economy in tremendous and unforeseen ways, it’s important for entrepreneurs to remain focused and optimistic about their work and how it can help. For entrepreneurs who are wondering how to move forward in this period of uncertainty, heed advice from these top 21 entrepreneurs. Based on their individual experience and expertise, they share insights on how to grow or refocus a business in this trying time.

1. Aimee Tariq CEO of A Life With Health. “Everyone is concerned with health right now, as they should be,” Tariq said. “But health should be approached holistically. Practice self-care always, but it’s especially critical right now in this period of immense stress. Otherwise, your productivity will suffer.”

2. Elena Cardone co-owner of Cardone Capital. “It’s important to take a step back and cultivate a bigger vision for your long-term impact rather than creating tunnel vision on these hard few months,” recommends Cardone. “Seek to build an empire – which is done over the years, and built brick by brick by the value you consistently give.”

3. Imran Tariq CEO of Webmetrix Group. “Take this time to write and build authorship. Now is the time to build measurable influence and prove that you’re the go-to expert. Churn out content and expand your reach amongst different publications.”

4. Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr. “This time is great for diversifying revenue streams. Build courses, publish content, and keep creating new offerings. Think about what value you have to offer, and how you can introduce it in new ways.”

5. Desislava Dobreva Aka The Branding Queen. “Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to fine-tune their brand identity and perception right now,” Dobreva observed. “How are you going to show up and be of service to others? This is key to a brand, and it’s in moments like these that service-oriented businesses and individuals really shine.”

6. Shay Rowbottom CEO of Rowbottom Marketing. “Everyone is moving to virtual right now, so show up more on LinkedIn, where the ability to reach new viewers accelerates with every like and comment,” Rowbottom urges. “Commit to recording and posting several videos per week – they should ideally be quick, snappy, and value-oriented.”

7. Rachel Bell founder of the Online Coach Academy. “Take advantage of the number of people on Instagram, and focus on creating valuable Instagram stories,” Bell says. “What value does your audience most need? Go on Instagram live or record videos, and make sure to add text for viewers who click through without listening.”

8. Haley Hoffman Smith. “In-person events have been cancelled, but speakers can still make an impact even without a live audience,” observed Hoffman Smith. “Harness the power of social media, make a YouTube channel, record podcast episodes – people still need your message, and you should use this time to share it far and wide, in ways you haven’t tried before.”

9. Kerri Kasem CEO of Breakthrough Naturally. “Make sure to follow up after the sale,” advises Kasem. “Focus on customer satisfaction will heighten at this time, so go above and beyond to make sure your customer is happy and that you’re doing all you can for them.”

10. Sunny Lenarduzzi, CEO of Sunny Lenarduzzi. “While you’re at home, set up a recording area and create a backlog of videos to publish on a consistent schedule. Videos are key for discoverability through search engines.”

11. Carlos Reyes A Serial Entrepreneur. “There’s an appeal of investing in stocks now, while the market is down,” commented Reyes. “But if you’re going to invest, invest in real estate instead. It’s less volatile, and a sound investment in the long term.”

12. Elizabeth Herrera CEO Of I Build Your Brand. “While the global market is changing and evolving rapidly right now, it’s important to understand backup options for where you can source your physical products,” says Herrera. “Develop contingency plans and relationships if your primary factory or manufacturer is in a country that’s affected.”

13. Jeremy Miner CEO of 7th Level Communications. “Right now, focus on problem finding and solving,” says Miner. “Rather than pushing your products onto clients, show them that you’ve identified their problems and have a real solution. It’s all about product finding right now.”

14. Lauren Tickner CEO of Impact School. “Continue to build relationships with leads by messaging on LinkedIn and Facebook,” Tickner suggested. “Rather than selling right off the bat, use the time messaging to get to know their specific needs and desires during this time. Understanding your customer is key, and messaging them to do so allows you to create relationships at scale.”

15. Luis Marcelino CEO of Marcelino Capital. “Take full advantage of the extra time you may have now to build out automation processes. That way, when things inevitably pick up again, you’ll have the boost of automation in your business so you can delegate and do more.”

16. Josh Forti – Podcast Host of Think Different Theory. “Your audience needs you right now – whether it’s an audience of 3 or 30,000,” Forti reminds us. “Ask how you can show up for them and what content and value they’re looking for at this time, and double down on solidifying and supporting those relationships.”

17. Huey Lee Co-founder of Webmetrix Group. “No matter the times, lead generation is crucial for a business and even more so in hard times.” Lee states he always utilizes his proprietary process called the 4 pillars for lead generation to grow a business. The 4 pillars are: Establishing authority, Building credibility with intelligence, Creating continuous trust, Developing rapport and being likable.

18. Lauren Raye Gordon CEO of Gordon Consulting. “Remember while you’re showing up on social media and creating new offerings that storytelling creates connection. Think about which stories from your own life can resonate with your ideal customer, then share them online.”

19. Cody Neer CEO of Ecommerce Brand Academy. “Everyone is stressing the importance of content production and distribution right now, and I urge creators and entrepreneurs to make that content positive,” says Neer. “You have a direct impact on your follower’s energy by sharing positive content, especially in a time of widespread fear and worry.”

20. Kimanzi Constable CEO Of Results Global Impact Consulting. “If your role as a corporate consultant has been curtailed at this time, remember that virtual training can be equally as effective and helpful,” Constable reassures. “Modify your in-person training to virtual training.”

21. Stephanie Burns Founder of Chic-CEO. ” Creating a resource for clients via a membership site allows you to create an income whilst being in touch with your clients, whilst keeping you and your family safe by avoiding crowds is freedom that anyone can have with a bit of creativity says Burns”