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Video Testimonial

Went From No Confidence to Live Streaming Everyday!

By November 21, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Wes get $4,297 in new sales in 3 days

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Customer Name: Wes Ferrell

Location: USA

Wes’s Story:

After struggling to transition from providing products and services to be a full-time coach, Wes signed up for the Beta program. After buying the program, Wes put it on the shelf for four months and went back to providing products and services to his unideal clients. Upon seeing success stories in my private Facebook group, Wes decided to follow the program and after implementing my framework in his business he booked 10 discovery calls in just a week. (and converted several to new clients!)

In this video, Wes talks about:

– How he went from having no confidence in making live videos

– How he has attracted his ideal clients and booked 10 calls in just a week

– How he earned $4,297 in new sales in 3 days.


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