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The Only Way To Get And STAY Confident In Yourself As A Coach – Lauren Gordon Business Storytelling

By December 22, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

The Only Way To Get And STAY Confident In Yourself As A Coach

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Over the past three years teaching and guiding beautiful, multi-passionate coaches, the bulk of my clients who get the best results are NOT the ones who are the ‘smartest’.
They’re not the ones who have the biggest audiences.

They don’t have a better website, logo, testimonials, or media exposure.

They have mastered the inner game – the one that matters before you try applying any marketing strategy:


And if you want to build real, lasting confidence as a coach (instead of using quick band-aid fixers) I believe there’s one simple, not-so-obvious way to do it.
And it doesn’t involve giving yourself an hour-long pep talk before every livestream.
Here’s how to get and – most importantly – STAY confident in yourself as a coach.



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