Ready to grow a coaching business that changes your life AND others?!

A lot of coaches are brilliant at teaching and guiding others. Very few excel at marketing themselves and getting paying clients consistently.

I’m here to change that.

The day I started my coaching business I decided it was going to work. I had just found out I was pregnant with my first daughter, and failing was not an option. Getting a lot of clients quickly was not an option.

It was a must.

But I knew I didn’t want to do sales in the way a lot of coaches online were doing. I didn’t want to send cold messages to people, set up complicated tech, pay thousands of dollars in advertising, use high-pressure sales tactics, or spend my energy convincing people to pay me.

I wanted to find a way to attract clients to me.

But not just any clients. I was only interested in attracting the right clients. Clients that were overjoyed to work with me, ready to get started now, and ready to pay me.

By the end of that first year, while pregnant with my daughter, my company had gone from zero to over $150,000 dollars. I hadn’t spent a single dollar in ads, I was serving clients in 15 countries around the world, I had an audience of raving fans who bought every offer I put out, and I was getting paid thousands of dollars to do what I loved.

It all started with sharing my story.

Storytelling Is The Key To Growing A Profitable, Fulfilling Coaching Business You Love.

Gone are the days where you could show up online with boring tip-filled content or overused motivational quotes and expect clients to come running into your inbox. Now, people crave connection. People hire coaches and join programs based on how connected they feel to the coach, the leader. All human beings make buying decisions based on emotional connection.

It’s time to start connecting.

It’s time for you to find, connect, and convert your perfect clients online in the most authentic way.

It’s time for you to show up confidently on social media knowing what to post.

It’s time for you to get paid very, very well – and very consistently – for your life’s work.

It’s time for you to have clients coming to you, in your inbox, saying they’re ready to hire you.

The truth is,

You already tell stories everyday. You use storytelling to connect with your friends, your family, your kids, your people you love. Humans have used storytelling to build trust since the beginning of time.

Marketing yourself as a coach – and selling your transformational offers – is no different.

It all starts with telling authentic stories that show your ideal clients they can trust you, and that it’s safe to pay you.

Stories That Sell is where you learn how to do this.

Stories That Sell is a completely new take on marketing and selling coaching services online.

It’s where we clarify your message, create the most confident version of you, package your offer to sell between $3k – $10k+, and use stories from your own life to attract the right clients to you, over and over again.

No more chasing clients.

No more spinning your wheels wondering what’s wrong with your content.

No more self doubt.

Your Story Is Your Key.

People have asked me for years what the “strategy” was behind my success.

When a connection to Forbes found me on the internet and I got published on, people asked me how. When I got a column at, people asked me how. When I started making five-figure months two months into my business, people asked me how. When I tell them I had no website, no professional branding, no fancy funnels – they look at me like I’m crazy.

And I smile, because I know I am.

And if you’re here, you probably are too.

Something in your gut tells you that there has got to be a more simple way to do this thing.

My Friend, You Are Correct.

This program is designed to give you the proven step-by-step blueprint on how to grow your online coaching business through simple content. How to attract high-paying clients through simple posts on social media. How to get clients coming to you, in your inbox, inquiring about your programs and ready to work with you.

It’s time to make the impact you came here to make and get paid deliciously well at the same time.

It’s time to stop feeling like you’re chasing clients… and experience what it’s like to have clients coming to you.

It’s time to do marketing + sales in a way that feels good and authentic to you.

It’s my intention that this framework + experience shakes you up, makes you believe in yourself more than ever before, and shows you how to grow a business that allows you to live on your own terms… for the rest of your life.

This is for you if…
  • You are ready to grow a coaching/mentoring business that you’re passionate about
  • You know you’re amazing at what you do and you know you can help people
  • You want to get paid between $2k – $10k++ per client for your coaching and your offers 
  • You already have a high ticket offer – or you’d LOVE to sell high ticket offers
  • You know you’re capable of growing to 6 or multiple-6 figures.. You can feel it in your gut
  • You’re tired of DIY’ing it and you’re ready to follow a proven roadmap that works
How It Works
  • 3 months of live coaching with Lauren (2 weekly calls)
  • 3 months access to a private client support Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to a 21-part video-module curriculum
  • Actionable fill-in-the-blank workbooks
  • Reusable content templates, story templates, and more
  • Everything you need to attract clients on social media organically so you can grow to your first 6 or multiple-6 figures.
What’s Included
About Lauren

Lauren Gordon went from her hometown of 600 people to booking a one-way ticket across the world and turning $500 into a 6-figure online coaching business in less than a year while pregnant with her first daughter. She now spends her time raising her 2 young daughters and empowering entrepreneurs across the world to share their stories and create businesses that allow them to live on their own terms.

Lauren has served as the secret weapon behind helping hundreds of entrepreneurs start, grow and scale their own online businesses they love. Many have created  6 and multi-6-figure businesses and made a name for themselves by sharing their authentic stories and following Lauren’s storytelling framework.Unlike other experts, Lauren’s intention is not to create clones of herself, but rather to show you how you can duplicate her success by making this framework work for your unique business.

Lauren’s work has been featured in Forbes, The Today Show, Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global and more. Most recently, Lauren was offered (and has accepted!) her own column to write for Entrepreneur Magazine.

Next Steps

Due to the nature of access Lauren gives to her clients, this program is by application-only. Lauren is extremely selective on who she lets into this container.

If everything on this page speaks to you, and you feel like this is your missing puzzle piece, click the button below to apply for a spot inside the program.

When you click the button below, you will be taken to a short form where you will answer a few questions about your business, your roadblocks, and your vision.

Upon submission of your application, you will be prompted to a calendar page where you will choose a time to speak with Lauren. On the call, Lauren will dive deeper to see if you are a perfect fit for the program, and if she believes you are, she may offer you a spot inside. If you are offered a spot, you can then decide if you want to join the program and become her next success client.

Results Lauren’s Clients Experience…


How She Got Fully Booked With High End Coaching Clients By Following My Storytelling Framework

Rayna 3:20

Rayna Celebrates Signing Her First 2 High Ticket Clients ($10,000) In Less Than 48 Hours of Applying My Story Framework


How Leanne Doubled Her Coaching Prices!

STS is a high level, high-support group coaching program that comes with weekly coaching calls, a step-by-step course, and a private support group. You will follow the step by step course curriculum to grow your business and attract high ticket clients. This includes step-by-step guidance and easy-to-follow roadmaps on clarifying your offer/niche, growing your audience, converting your audience, attracting the right clients, finding & telling the right stories, booking calls, and closing calls with confidence.
Yes. Lauren leads all of the calls.
Yes. All though you don’t need a big audience to have success with Lauren’s framework, you WILL learn how to grow your following and your audience. This program is designed for someone with or without an audience to come into the appropriate place in the program and have success.
Yes. Lauren teaches her students how to attract clients online by posting simple story-based organic content, and generating leads for free, meaning no expensive tech or paid advertising required. You will be able to get started (generate high ticket leads & calls) with just your social media accounts and your laptop.
If you have absolutely no idea what people would pay you for, or you have no clue who you want to serve or what you want to sell - this is not the program for you. To come into this program, you must at least have an IDEA of what you want to offer.
Yes! If you have an idea of what your offer is, or maybe you’ve even sold your offer a few times yet you’re not 100% confident in it, this program will work for you. There is an entire section where Lauren shows you how to clarify your niche, clarify existing offer, and make sure it’s irresistible to your ideal clients even if you’re not clear on it right now.
We gotchu. At the very beginning of the program you will learn how to clarify your messaging once and for all. No more confusing yourself (or your ideal clients).
Inside the program you will learn both: how to attract high ticket clients through written story-based content AND through story-based videos. Both methods work, and many of Lauren’s clients choose to do both or one or the other. Lauren will encourage you to do whichever one makes you feel most confident.
On average as of now there are between 5-10 people on each call, as most of Lauren’s clients do not attend every single call (because they get busy growing & managing their businesses!). It is Lauren’s personal policy to make sure everyone gets their questions answered on the calls. Which is why the calls go until all questions are answered. We have never had a time where someone did not get their question answered.
The framework Lauren teaches inside STS has been proven in all coaches niches. Lauren has guided hundreds of coaches through this process including health coaches, fitness coaches, relationship coaches, life coaches, mindset coaches, business coaches, beauty coaches, leadership coaches, career coaches, and more. STS is for you as long as you are a coach/mentor/consultant, you have a high ticket offer (or at least an idea) that you believe in, and you want to learn how to attract clients on social media organically in the most authentic way.
The main focus of this program is how to attract high ticket clients through simple organic marketing and storytelling on social media. You will have everything you need to do this step by step from start to finish including clarifying your message, your offer, your branding, generating leads, booking calls, and selling your high ticket offers with confidence. Lauren’s intention with this program is to give you everything you need to attract high ticket clients through storytelling on social media.
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