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Video Testimonial

Signed $10,000 With A Client On Her First Call

By November 21, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Hillary Booked $10,000 client – her highest paying client ever

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Customer Name: Hillary Robert
Location: Ontario, Canada

Hillary’s Story:

After struggling with confidence answering “Why should I work with you instead of other people?”, Hillary decided to get my help, and after implementing my framework she outlined her offer in a neat package with a bow on top ready to enter the call full of confidence and signed her first highest paying client in that call and signed two more since then.

In this video, Hillary talks about:

– How she went from having no confidence in taking a client call to sign her highest paying client during that call.

– How she has the confidence to close another 2 clients since then

– How fun watching the videos and how it helped her improve her strategy by re-doing some of the modules as her business grows.


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