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Rayna Signs 2 Perfect Aligned Clients ($10,000) In 48 Hours

By December 10, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Rayna Celebrates Signing Her First 2 High Ticket Clients ($10,000) In Less Than 48 Hours of Applying My Story Framework

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Customer Name: Rayna Jhaveri
Location: USA

Rayna’s Story:

After struggling with some fear around telling her stories and struggling to attract the perfect clients, Rayna chose to seek guidance from someone who could help take her grow her coaching business and attract her ideal clients for her high-ticket Rage Recovery program.

She knew she had stories to tell, and she believed in her offer, so she decided to get my help with marketing it. 48 hours after implementing my storytelling framework, she signed her first 2 high ticket clients, totalling $10,000 for her business. As a brand new coach. Amazing!!!

In this video, Rayna talks about:

– How ONE casual story posted on her social media brought in perfect clients for her program!

– How she was able to sign her first 2 clients without a website, a webinar, or email marketing.

– Why storytelling works for any coaching niche – not just “make money” offers. (Rayna is a rage recovery coach… she doesn’t sell a ‘make money’ offer!)

– How this way of marketing & selling feels natural and authentic, and why she feels more aligned with her business and her offers now than ever before.

I am so proud of this beautiful soul!!


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