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My Daily Routine As A CEO, Coach And A Mom Of 2 Under 2

By December 22, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

My Daily Routine As A CEO, Coach And A Mom Of 2 Under 2

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In 2020 my life got a whole lot sweeter – and crazier – at the same time.

We welcomed my second daughter, Aria, granting me official membership access to the 2 Under 2 club.

I knew I had two options: change nothing and try to keep growing my coaching business based on what worked when I only had 1 child (lol, good joke Lauren)


Change my entire schedule, hire different people, completely transform the way my days look, and grow my business faster.

I chose option 2. 🙃

Here’s my current daily routine as a CEO, Coach, and mom of 2 girls under 2.


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