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How Sunita became a sought-after guest speaker for VIP events

By November 23, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Sunita became an authority in her chosen industry

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Customer Name: Sunita Banjade

Location: Myanmar

Sunita’s Story

After struggling to establish her presence and authority as a Human Resource Specialist, Sunita decided she needed my help to attract her ideal audience.

After implementing my storytelling framework into her business, Sunita has grown her audience exponentially, she has then been invited to be a guest speaker for VIP events, and she is getting more engagement in her content post.

In this video, Sunita talks about:

-How she has changed and became an authority in her industry.

-How people started reaching out to her to discuss HR issues.

-How people invited her to be a guest speaker in VIP Human Resource Seminars.


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