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How Nicky Tripled Her Rates And Went Full-Time In Her Coaching Business

By December 27, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Nicky Tripled Her Rates And Went Full-Time In Her Coaching Business

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Customer Name: Nicky Espinosa
Location: USA

Nicky’s Story:

In our first conversation, I immediately knew (and I told her!!) that that Nicky would thrive in the online coaching space.

Nicky’s intentions were pure, her energy positive, and her offer was solid.

Her only problem was that she wasn’t sure how to market herself in a way that felt authentic and drew the right clients to her.
She’d worked with clients before, but she felt like she’d been massively undercharging for her work.

She decided to take a leap of faith on herself and join our stories that sell program, and I proudly watched her go out and start sharing her truth…

Her stories…
No flashy marketing, no complicated tech, just real stories from her life that inspired her ideal clients into action…
Just two months after working together I am over the moon excited to celebrate that she’s not only exceeded her income goals, but she was able to triple her coaching rates and is now getting paid 3X what she used to, AND she’s officially full-time in her coaching business. Amazing!!!
This is the power of storytelling.
I love my clients!
I love my work.

I love watching beautiful, incredible coaches share their stories online, attract clients, and grow their business in a way that feels aligned.

Congratulations, Nicky, this is only the beginning!!!

In This Video, Nicky Talks About:

-Her struggles with navigating the online space and not knowing how to market herself efficiently before we worked together.

-How she was confident in her offer, but struggled with knowing how to communicate the value of it online to her ideal clients.
-How she’s FAR more confident with the whole “sales process” now that she’s using my storytelling framework to market herself and her coaching offers.
-How she’s more excited for the future of her coaching business right now than ever before!


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