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How Leanne Doubled Her Coaching Prices!

By March 24, 2021November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Leanne Doubled Her Coaching Prices!

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Customer Name: Leanne Rowbottom
Location: Australia

Leanne’s Story:

After feeling stuck with social media and feeling like “no one was listening” to her when she posted content online, Leanne knew she needed guidance from someone who could help her connect with her audience and show them they could trust her. She wanted to convert her audience to clients in a way that felt aligned.

She decided to join our Stories That Sell coaching program, and she started signing clients at DOUBLE what she was previously charging only 2 weeks into the program.

In this video, Leanne talks about:

– How she went from struggling to get engagement online to attracting ideal clients and having fun while at it.
– How she realized she needed to show people more of who she was, and why that made her choose our program over other marketing methods.
– How she loves being able to tell authentic stories that actually convert into sales.


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