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How Sangita’s FIRST Story Got Shared To 40,000 People

By March 17, 2021November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Her Story Got Shared To 40,000 People

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Have you ever felt nervous about sharing your true authentic story online for the first time?
That’s exactly how my beautiful client Sangita felt, but she knew it was time to stop hiding and start telling her story so she could reach more people for her services, grow her audience, and get in front of the right clients.
After following my storytelling framework, she took the leap and pressed “post” on what would be the very FIRST time sharing her story on social media… and what happened next blew her mind!!
She just told me… “40,000 people. It got shared to 40,000 people.”
Sangita’s very first story post not only got a massive response from her own small audience, but it was quickly noticed by someone with a 40,000 person audience FULL of her target market.
In this short clip, Sangita and I talk about:
– How she used my framework to share her very first story online for the first time ever and reach 40,000 new people, followers & potential clients immediately.
-The #1 most important piece of your marketing that, if you don’t understand, will mean you will always struggle to connect with your target market.
-One thing to master that immediately will make your marketing a lot easier.
-The thing that all new coaches want that boosts your confidence as soon as you have it.
If you’re done hiding and you’re ready to get your work & your coaching offers in front of A LOT more eyeballs, and you resonate with using storytelling to marketing yourself – apply now to become a client and learn the same storytelling framework as Sangita.


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