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Video Testimonial

Generate Income Not Only for Himself But for His Family

By November 23, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How BJ overcomes stress and anxiety by sticking to a framework effective to put his business to the market

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Customer Name: BJ Pivonka

Location: Connecticut

BJ’s Story

After struggling to chase too many rabbits and avatars that are messing with his business trying to create different stories and different marketing, it was a hassle that brought in too much stress and anxiety into a business that he should be enjoying. BJ came to me for help and now he has clarity on which direction to go.

After implementing my storytelling framework into his business, BJ was able to go back to the basics, identify his next action plan, get to the core of building his brand, and start attracting clients/customers in a very timely manner.

In this video, BJ talks about:

-How he was able to get to the core of the business and build his brand and start getting client

-How overcomes every module and kept moving forward in his business

-How he got clarity on his message and started getting his ideal clients and customer.


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