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Sneak Peak Preview Of A Paid STS Coaching Call

By October 5, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

The Difference Between Posts That Attract High Ticket Clients And Posts That Don’t

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Want to know the difference between a post that attracts ideal clients and a post that doesn’t?

Listen to this clip from one of our paid coaching calls from inside our Stories That Sell program to see me break it down step by step. I’ve NEVER shared this topic before, and if you take this seriously this will help you attract a lot more clients starting right now.

In this coaching call snippet you will hear me coaching my students inside of our Stories That Sell program, and you will learn:

– This one little-known fact that makes a story sell besides the structure and the formula

– How to create story-based content that attracts & engages your ideal clients as a coach


P.S. Inside our Stories That Sell program we have weekly coaching calls just like this where you’ll get to come on the calls, get support, get your questions answered, and be fully supported through your journey of growing your business.

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