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How Mary Sold Out Her New Program With 3 Simple Posts

By August 29, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Mary Sold Out Her New Program With 3 Simple Social Media Posts Following My Story Framework

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Customer Name: Mary G
Location: Kenya

Mary’s Story:

After struggling to communicate her message and attract ideal clients through organic marketing, Mary knew she was at her knowledge limit and needed guidance from someone who could help take her coaching business to the next level.

She decided to get my help, and after learning and implementing my Social Storytelling framework into her business, she sold out her brand new program by making just 3 simple posts.

In this video, Mary talks about:

– How she went from hearing crickets on her content & not knowing how to attract clients to selling out a brand new program from making just 3 social media posts using my storytelling framework

– What she was struggling with before she learned my system and applied it to her business (and how it’s caused her to have a massive influx of people consistently reaching out about her offers)

– How she plans on easily raising her prices up to 10x within the next year

– The single most profitable and powerful skill she’s learned that continues to be the reason behind her business’ growth and success!


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