How Ana Hit Her First $10,000 Month

By October 10, 2020 November 27th, 2020 No Comments

How Ana Reached $10,000+ Months In Her Coaching Business

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Client Name: Ana Patricia Bourgeois
Location: Canada

Ana’s Story:

Before Ana joined our program and we started working together she was a completely different person… She wasn’t confident in her ability to sell her high ticket offer BUT she knew she could help people and she knew she wasn’t living up to her full potential. 

She needed help attracting the right high ticket clients and that’s exactly why she joined our STS family.

I got to witness her huge transformation going from 0 to signing her very first high ticket client and to now hitting her very first $10,000 month!!! Incredible.

In this video, Ana talks about:

– How this one powerful thing other than “strategy” allowed Ana to finally bring more ease, fun and income into her coaching business

– What made our program so effective for her and why our work together played a significant role in Ana reaching $10k months

– What she achieved once she got a coach that held her to her highest potential and didn’t let her play small, and how that allowed the “missing pieces to start falling together” in her business


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