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When A Prospect Says “But I Just Invested $$$ In XYZ…..”

By June 12, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

When A Prospect Says “But I Just Invested $$$ In XYZ…..”

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Maybe you’ve been considering joining my Stories That Sell Coaching program recently, and seeing the reviews and results…

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My client was having a hard time handling one common, frustrating objection on her sales calls, so on this call I walk her through exactly how to overcome the objections and solve her problem so she can sign more clients and grow her coaching business.

If you want to learn how to Overcome One of The Most Common Frustrating Objections on your sales calls, then listen to the coaching call below!

In this coaching call recording, you will learn:

– How to overcome this one specific objection that leaves most coaches not knowing what to say

– The mindset mistake tons of coaches make that makes them miss out on sales

– How to close more of your calls and sign more clients without ever being pushy or aggressive

– AND…. how to sell in a way that feels good and allows you to get on every sales call feeling UBER confident every time….

– Lauren


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