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How To Make Your High Ticket Offer Irresistible

By June 12, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How To Make Your High Ticket Offer Irresistible

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You’ve seen the big-name coaches and industry influencers who sell out every single offer they launch….

From the outside, it seems like they’re doing pretty similar things to you…

Content, livestreams, posts, emails….

So how come their offers sell out easy peasy and you’re still over here *hoping* you get atleast 1 person in your inbox asking about your program….

What do they know that you don’t?

In this video, I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of our paid coaching calls from our Stories That Sell coaching program and letting you listen to a clip from of one of our most recent calls for free….

On this call, one of my clients comes on and is struggling with her offer and wants to make sure it’ll be a total knock-out when she launches it. Listen to the call to hear what I tell her to do in order to Make Sure Her Offer is Irresistible and sells like hotcakes.

In this coaching call recording I cover:

– Sales page copywriting secrets for high conversion

– How to position your offer to stand out, be a no-brainer “yes” and have people standing in line to scoop it up

– The most important aspects to focus on when marketing a high ticket offer to make sure it sells when you launch

– Lauren


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