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How Yael Had Her Biggest Month In Business As A Mom Of 4 + Baby On The Way!

By May 25, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Yael’s Story: How She Had Her Biggest Sales Month In Business As A Mom Of 4 + One On The Way!

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Customer Name: Yael Bendahan
Location: Israel

Yael’s Story:

After struggling to create her content and put herself “out there” online in a way that attracted her ideal clients in an authentic way, Yael applied my framework and just hit her biggest sales month in business as a busy mom of 4 + while pregnant with her 5th baby. (talk about being a superwoman!)

In this video, Yael talks about:

-How she struggled with attracting the right people, booking calls and selling her offers in a way that didn’t feel salesy before following my system

-How she hit her biggest income month ever while selling the things she actually wanted to sell & working with clients she loved

-How important it is for her to sell in an authentic way and why that’s a big reason why she loves my call-booking system

-How she booked 10 sales calls and had a dream client reach out to her in just over one week following my process


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