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How Wendy Booked 6 Calls In 10 Days For Her Brand New High Ticket Offer

By May 25, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Wendy’s Story: How She Booked 6 Calls In 10 Days For Her New High Ticket Offer Without Having ANY Social Proof Or Testimonials

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Customer Name: Wendy Friston
Location: Turkey

Wendy’s Story:

After struggling to get her coaching business off the ground and wondering how to market her program when she didn’t have any testimonials or proof, Wendy was done feeling like she was running in circles and knew she needed guidance from someone who could help take her nail her marketing and attract clients.

She decided to get my help, and after following my system she was able to create her high ticket offer and within 24 hours booked her first 4 sales calls.

In this video, Wendy talks about:

-How she went from having her high ticket offer idea to having leads in her inbox in just 24 hrs from taking action

-How she booked 6 calls in her first 10 days withOUT having any existing testimonials or social proof!

-Why she’s confident that she’s going to go from zero to fully booked in a matter of weeks thanks to following the system I laid out for her!


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