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Overcoming Resistance And Fear Around Telling Your Story

By May 24, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Overcoming Resistance And Fear Around Telling Your Story

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Stories make people memorable. Stories build the kind of trust that makes someone BUY from you (over and over and over)….

Ready to claim your spot as a trusted coach and a top authority in your industry?

It all starts with your story.

You likely know how important it is to TELL your story it if you want your brand and your business to stand out online…But everyone makes it look so easy.

Your favorite influencers to follow? They’re always sharing their story and oozing with confidence.

The industry-famous coaches with successful businesses you look up to? They use their story in their marketing on the daily and you could probably recite it if you had to (I mean, you’ve heard it enough times)…

You know you need to join the storyselling club (like yesterday), but there’s people watching.

Like your family.

Your college friends.

Your old boss.

They’re in your audience, they’re connected to you on social, and they’re gonna see when you tell your story. And if they are a PART of your story (maybe a vulnerable part that’s hard for you to talk about)…. Then that brings up a whole plethora of emotions.

So how do you overcome the fear and resistance around sharing your authentic story with the world?

How do you confidently tell your story and USE it in your marketing to connect with your ideal clients and sell your high ticket offers?

This is THE most common thing coaches ask me, and I absolutely love teaching the solution.In this video I’m covering:

– How to overcome fear and resistance around telling your story on social media- How to use your story in your marketing to attract your ideal clients and fill your calendar with sales calls

– The #1 mindset shift that will skyrocket your confidence and get you excited to tell your story



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