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How Melissa Started Booking Calls And Skyrocketing Her Engagement As An Introvert

By May 25, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Melissa’s Story: How She Started Booking Calls on Day 2 And Skyrocketed The Engagement On Her Content

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Customer Name: Melissa Desveaux
Location: Australia

Melissa’s Story:

After struggling to book calls and get leads for her high ticket course, Melissa started getting calls booked on day 2 following my system, has skyrocketed the engagement on her content, and generated dozens of leads.

In this video, Melissa talks about:

-How she struggled with marketing herself and putting herself out into the online space as an introvert.

-How just one of her organic posts resulted in 218 comments and dozens of leads after following the framework I taught her.

-How one of her first calls even resulted in a book deal

-How she’s finally getting leads reaching out to HER instead of her reaching out to them even though she has a small audience!


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