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Alison Booked 11 Discovery Calls And Got 5 New Clients In 1 Week

By May 25, 2020 June 8th, 2020 No Comments

Alison Booked 11 Discovery Calls And Converted 5 To New Clients In 1 Week

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Customer Name: Alison Callan
Location: Australia

Alison’s Story:

After struggling to be consistent and reach the right clients, Alison came to me for help. After implementing my storytelling framework into her coaching business she was able to book 11 discovery calls and convert 5 to new clients in just one week.

In this video, Alison talks about:

-Why she specifically chose me to help her grow her coaching business

-The difference that learning my storytelling method has made in her business

-The 1 thing that helped her sign 5 new coaching clients in a week

“Using Lauren’s storytelling process I was able to book 11 discovery calls in a week and I converted around 5 of those to clients. The difference that it made to my business was being able to be consistent and to share stories in an impactful way so that they would reach the clients they were meant to reach. I would 100% recommend you get on a call with Lauren.” – Alison


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