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How To Tell Your Story Consistently Without Sounding Repetitive

By May 24, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How To Tell Your Story Consistently Without Sounding Repetitive

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You know telling your story and using it in your marketing is the key to standing out from the crowd and connecting with your ideal clients…

But there’s only 1 you…

And 1 main story you can tell before you start feeling like a broken record…



This is a question I get asked a lot from coaches and consultants who are brilliant at what they do and have stories that are waiting to be heard…

“How do I tell my story (and keep telling it) without feeling like I’m just repeating the same thing?”

“I don’t want my audience to get bored or feel like they’ve heard me say the exact same things before….”

In this video I’m covering the tactical solutions on how tell your story & use it in your marketing consistently without boring your audience (or yourself) to death.

I’m covering:

– How to tell the same story from different angles- 2 simple strategies on how to tell your story consistently without feeling repetitive

– How to use these strategies to book more sales calls for your high ticket programs, courses or coaching



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