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How Alison Signed 5 High Ticket Clients In One Week

By May 24, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Alison’s Story: How she booked 11 calls and converted 5 to new clients in just 1 week

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Customer Name: Alison Callan
Location: Australia

Alison’s Story:

After struggling with engaging her audience and being consistent with her content, Alison came to me for help. After implementing my storytelling framework into her coaching business she was able to book 11 discovery calls and convert 5 to new clients in just one week.

In this video, Alison talks about:

-How she struggled with this one specific mindset roadblock that held her back from getting to her next level in her coaching business (and how applying my framework helped her overcome it)

-How much easier creating content feels now and how much more engaged her audience is

-How Alison used to run her business 100% on referrals, and never actively marketed herself until now (and the difference it’s made, like getting 5 new clients in a week)

-How she went from signing inconsistent clients every month to having a predictable way to attract new clients to her whenever she wants thanks to my system.


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