How Deni Signed Her First High Ticket Client In 30 Days

By June 25, 2020 November 29th, 2020 No Comments

Deni’s Story: How She Got Her First High Ticket Client By Using My Story Framework

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Customer Name: Deni Mariscal
Location: USA
Deni’s Story:

After over a year of trying to sell her high ticket service with no success, Deni joined my Stories That Sell program and got her first client within 30 days of applying my framework.

In this video, Deni talks about:

-How she felt like she tried everything under the sun like cold emailing, cold outreach, content, and spending over $10,000 on courses and coaching before joining STS and finally getting her first high ticket client

-How she went from finding sales calls “not fun” to loving the sales process now, thanks to my framework

-How she had two ideal clients reach out to her “out of the blue” thanks to the organic content she posted after following the steps I gave her

-AND…. Why she’s had a major confidence boost and is more excited for the future of her business right now than ever before!


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