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Video Testimonial

Went From Booking 3 to 4 Calls per Month To 18 Calls In 10 Days

By May 24, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Cindy Went From Booking 3 to 4 Calls A Month To Booking 18 Calls In Her First 10 Days & Flying Past Last Month’s Income

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Customer Name: Cindy Pate
Location: New Zealand

Cindy’s Story:

After struggling to convey her message and attract her ideal clients to her consistently, Cindy knew she was at her knowledge limit and needed guidance from someone who could help take her coaching business to the next level.

She decided to get my help, and after implementing my Art of Social Storytelling framework in her business she booked 18 discovery calls in just 10 days! (and converted several to new clients!)

In this video, Cindy talks about:

– How she went from having just 2 clients to filling her calendar with 18 sales calls in 10 days by following the Art of Social Storytelling process
– How last month for her was a $5k month and she surpassed that in the first 10 days by using my process
– How freeing it feels to now have a predictable system to keep growing her business!


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