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How Ana Signed Her First High Ticket Coaching Client And Got Paid In Full

By May 24, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

Ana’s Story: How she spent thousands of dollars on other programs before following my system and signing her first high ticket coaching client!

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Customer Name: Ana Bourgeois
Location: Canada

Ana’s Story:

After investing thousands of dollars in other programs and feeling like she’d tried ALL the things, Ana took one more leap of faith by working with me and just signed her very FIRST high ticket coaching client (plus got paid in full even after the client asked for a payment plan!)

So exciting!!

Could you imagine finally having YEARS of your time, energy and hard work pay off?

Best thing is, it’s just the beginning for Ana.

If you want to know the exact process that Ana followed, then tune into this interview I did with her!

In this video, Ana and I talk about:

– How Ana attracted & signed her first high ticket coaching client using the Art of Social Storytelling process

– The main struggles that Ana had when marketing herself as a coach and trying to sell her program

– AND… Ana talks about the importance of trusting in yourself and following the process I laid out for her, and how following it has returned major results!

– PLUS… How I told Ana to do one specific thing immediately after she signed her first client, and how doing so resulted in 2 more sales calls booked immediately after!!


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