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Video Testimonial

Attracting Right Clients Even Easier

By November 20, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

How Lalaine Boosted Her Confidence and Find The Right Clients

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Customer Name: Lalaine Dawn
Location: New York, USA

Lalaine’s Story:

After not attracting the right client and even if she was, they were the kind of clients that were not willing to pay what she charged, Lalaine decided to get my help, and Lalaine started attracting the right client and was able to find potential client easier.

In this video, Lalaine talks about:

– How she went from not growing her business to attracting the right client and was able to connect with and FIND potential client easier by following my framework
– How this framework gave her a big boost in self-confidence.
– How the course can help craft the right message and really convince the right client without sounding too salesy.


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