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The Swift Kick Show: Why Your Story Is Your Business

By August 10, 2020November 3rd, 2021No Comments

The Swift Kick Show: Why Your Story Is Your Business

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Want to attract more clients? Tell your story.

Become a trusted authority in your industry? Tell your story.

Have clients that get amazing results? Tell your story

Become the most confident version of you? Tell your story.

Sell your high ticket services and programs with more ease? Tell your story.

I was asked to come onto the Swift Kick Show to talk about the most important part of being a successful entrepreneur: Why Your Story IS Your Business.

In this interview, I cover:

  • How my story is far from the typical “rags to riches” story – and how I went from owning a brick and mortar business to owning an international online coaching business.
  • How I got started in business when I was 17, while all of my friends were going off to college.
  • How I struggled to find my purpose, and what allowed me to not give up.
  • How to own your story and use it to grow your business and attract clients authentically.



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